2015 Convention
October 2-3, 2015
Creating a Museum of Torquay Pottery

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Our hosts for the 2015 Convention were Judy and Ernie Grant whose home in beautiful Bella Vista Village is just a few miles north of Bentonville. Their community features 7 lakes, 7 golf courses, walking trails,and other recreational areas. Judy and Ernie live on Loch Lomond, a 475 acre lake where you can ski, kayak, or just take a lazy boat ride around the lake admiring several waterfalls and some beautiful sunsets. The Grants Open House on the evening of October 1 gave us a chance to enjoy Loch Lomond.
Friday morning Judy officially opened the Convention with a few words of welcome. President Barb Paul started with a humourous discussion of "Why We Collect" before moving on to the Board Report. The answers to "Why We Collect" and the Board Report can be found in the Winter 2015 edition of The Torquay Collector.
This year's Theme, "Let's Creat A Museum Exhibit of Torquay Pottery" produced a great display of some very unusual and some very old pots.
Bob Collier made a very interesting presentation featuring Will Young Figurines and Groups from the Torval Pottery
Events on October 3
The Silent Auction produced the usual competetiion for prize pices. Five dealers presented an interesting selection of pots for sale in the Sales Mall. The Dutch Auction(actioneer Bob Lookabill and helper Jen O'Connor) featured a box of pots from Bob Cllier with the proceeds to the Society. The Closing dinner was exceptional and enjoyed by all.