If you would like to join N.A.T.S., please print out this form and mail it with your check payable to N.A.T.S.  to:

R.L. Lookabill, 13607 Maxson Ct., Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Your Name:


email address:                                              Phone:


Address:                                                     City:


State/Province:                                           Zip/Postal Code:


Main interest of collection (e.g. cottage, mottos, etc.):






Annual membership dues payable in U.S.$ are $25 single;  $30 Joint;  $35 Outside the U.S. or Canada

Please indicate which, if any, of the above information you do not want included in the Membership Roster.  The Roster is sent to each member to enable them to be in contact with other members to share their interest in the pottery.  The Society does not make it available to non-members and it is not sold or used to promote the sale of goods or services.

Members joining prior to December 31 each year will be billed a full year’s membership and receive the Summer and Fall issues of “The Collector” in addition to subsequent issues..  Members joining after December 31 each year will be billed a half year’s dues and receive the Winter and Spring issues of   “The Collector.”


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