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Articles About the Potteries -  Their Products and their People
Title   Author Date
Dartmouth Pottery Coronation Souvenirs Carl Fisher Winter 2009
Specials or "one-offs" CChris Fessler Winter 2008
Le Chien d'Or PPat Turner Fall 2007
Jugs of Puzzle mean Lots of Fun   Spring, 2007
A Brief Torquay History Winter, 2007W
Christmas Themes Winter, 2006
Made in Ireland   Winter, 2006
Like the Blue of Heaven Virginia Brisco Summer 2004
A French Connection ? Pat Turner Spring 2004
Birds Lucy Long Spring 2004
Torquay or not Torquay Virginia Brisco Winter 2004
Torquay Berni Donnelly Winter 2004
The Torquay Potteries Virginia Brisco Winter 2004
Gurgle Jugs John Buckworth Fall 2003
Florals   Lucy Long Summer 2003
Polka Dots and Odd Spots Ann Van Slyck Winter 2003
Persian, Rhodian or Isnik Virginia Brisco Fall 2002
An Unusual Design Ted Wade Spring 2002
Gone Fishing Ann Van Slyck Spring 2002
Scent from Devon Virginia Brisco Winter 2002
Pen Notes Charles Robinson Winter 2002
Devon Tors ~ A family pottery Virginia Brisco Winter 2002
Craftsmen Remembered Pamela Wilkes Winter 2002
Watcombe Pottery Pilgrim Vases Virginia Brisco Fall 2001
The English Arts & Crafts Movement Brenda Kimber Fall 2001
Small May Be Beautiful, But Big Is Better Ted Wade Fall 2001
Longpark Cockerels Charles Robinson Fall 2001
They Came From Looe Bill Jones Fall 2001
Shhhh.....Don't Tell Martha Judy Wucherer Summer 2001
Country Cottages Ted Wade Spring 2001
Cockerels,Clay and the Roman Influence Charles Robinson Winter 2001
Miniature Tea Sets Marlene Graham July 2000
Hart & Moist Cockerels Charles Robinson April 2000
A Cornish Pasty Judy Wucherer April 2000
Pictures of Lilies Ted Wade April 2000
Puzzle Jugs Alison Wells April 2000

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