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2014 Convention
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of NATS!

The 25th anniversary celebration of N.A.T.S. as an organization is exciting. What an opportunity to revel in our development as a society, the successes over the years and friendships forged. As a commemorative for this significant event it is fitting that we are treated to 25 Torquay Pottery designs and who better to present them than our resident expert Brenda Kimber. Brenda is the Editor of The Torquay Collector, a vendor at our conventions and our expert for identifying Torquay patterns. Members bring to the convention their mystery pots with the anticipation of confirm- ing the dating, pattern or even authenticity of a piece. Brenda is seldom stumped. Collecting Torquay wares is most interesting, as the range is vast and members will tell you that however long you have been a collector, there is always something new to see and learn. This book has been produced to show the 25 designs that are the most collected, especially by members in North America.

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                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

2. Cottagewares    4. Scandy    6. Cockerel    8. Kerswell    10. Ql Pattern    12. Pixies    14. HI Butterfly    16. Scrolls    18. Florals
20. Cat on the Wall    22. Farmyard    24. Beach Babies   26. Rustic    28. Holly    30. Winter Cottage    32. Devon Violets
34. Shamrock    36. Thistle   38. Kingfisher   40. Faience    42. Windmills    44. Rosey Sunset   46. Lakes Pattern   48. Jazz
50. Horseshoe