Our 15th Convention was held in Minneapolis  on the second weekend of July with perfect
weather. We had 54 members attending from 13 States, Canada and England.  A warm welcome was given to Brenda Kimber, Chairwoman of  TPCS,and her husband Ian on their first trip to the US.  We were pleased to have our friends Ken Hall, Past Chairman, and Elaine Wade, Products Manager with us again.  The "Brits" always bring us a wealth of information and good fun!


Our gratitude and appreciation goes to Bob & Mary for the "kick off"  to the convention with a fantastic Open House on Thursday evening.  Everyone thought this was such a good way to start off all the activities. 

The presentations this year were outstanding.  We learn so much from our members collections. Thank you to Brenda Kimber, Alison Wells, Shelby Scherr and Ken Hall.  John Buckworth did a Memorial to Barbara Treat & Brenda Bartram.

Members' displays were presented by Shelby Scherr, Charlotte Hense and June Cole. A survey of members voted that next year this port of the program should revert to a competition.

Our convention would not be complete with out the sales mall on Saturday. Sales were brisk, dealers were smiling, and  Renee IL was heard saying, "Does the one with the most sacks win??" (She had 4 BIG ones!)  Thank you to the dealers. 

Enough door prizes were donated by the members that everyone in attendance received a gift, and some were left to add to the raffle prizes.  Our members were more than generous! 


 We finished the convention with a traditional Minnesota dinner and a NOT so traditional program!  Kathy Collins did a terrific job with her panel of 8 members playing Torquay Trivia   We did lots of cheering for  "our team" which added great fun. One member of the panel was heard to say "Say red clay" to every question!  We ended the evening with a Dutch auction led by Ken Hall, auctioneer, John Buckworth, the elfin runner, and Jerry Claffy the spotter.  The dealers and members sold pots and the buyers got some fantastic deals.  It was a fun way to sell a pot that you didn't want to take back home.  Thanks guys for lots of laughs!!


 This year we tried some new things with a positive response from our members. The Comedy club  at the hotel on Friday evening, the Dutch auction Saturday and a wonderful tour of the Twin Cities on Sunday, led by Bob Druke.

 See you next year!

 Dianne and Jerry Claffy