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JULY 12 TO 15, 2007



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Our 2007 convention started with an open house hosted by our products manager, Charlotte Hense.

Friday morning we started registration and setup of all the displays, photo contest, silent auction pots and member’s sales tables.

We followed this with a welcome by our outgoing VP, Carl Fisher and our yearly general membership meeting. Diane Claffy was elected  President and Kathy Collins as Vice-President. Chris Fessler was elected Committee Member at Large. Shelby Scherr will remain as the Editor of the magazine.

Past President Shelby Scherr, President Diane Claffy, Vice-President Kathy Collins and previous VP Carl Fisher

Member-at-large Chris Fessler and Products Manager Charlotte Hense

After the President’s Luncheon we had presentations by Carl FisherAll things Terracotta; Bob Druke “A Lot of Ink Wells”; Alice Feldman “These are a few of my favorite things” and a video presentation by Brenda Kimber of the UK television show, “Flog It”.

The day concluded with the Mysteries Table, Theme Table, door prize drawings and the much anticipated raffle ticket drawings.

 Dealer setup for the Sales Mall began at 8:00 AM on Saturday. The rush was on as the sales started at 10:00 AM at a frantic pace as eager buyers snatched up some very high quality pots from the dealers as well as the member’s sales tables


 The Silent Auction ended just prior to lunch, with the final minute counted down as if at a space shuttle launch!

Saturday evening was our closing dinner with the announcement of the photo contest winners and closing remarks.

We formally passed on the President’s and Vice President’s badges to Diane and Kathy.

This is always a great time to enjoy the company of old friends and new alike.

Sunday, we had our second open house of this year by our now outgoing President but still Editor, Shelby Scherr.