Devonmoor Cottages

Ernie Wroe's Devonmoor molded cottage collection now includes all of the 14 on a sales list. 

Ernie tells of his experience in collecting these cottages

As I recall, it all came about at the Pennsylvania Convention.  I thought that I was coming as a chauffeur, an observer and a newbie. I learned early that Torquay pottery, N.A.T.S. and the camaraderie hold a magnetic attraction.  

I spied a couple of Devonmoor miniature cottages at the sales mall.  Now I thought these were just what a novice should purchase-small price tag and easy to pack.  All of a sudden, I was hooked!   Members were shaking my hand and congratulating me on now being a Torquay collector.

After the conference I immediately searched for information on my prized cottages.  I found the following particulars in Devonmoor Art Pottery by John Hobbs, 2000 available from our Products Manager.  In 1929 Bert Mellor modeled an example of Ann Hathaways Cottage.  The Tudor style of the real property was effectively reproduced in the model. Careful painting after the first firing created an attractive finished item.  The "thatched" roof, carrying two of the three chimneys, could be removed in one piece to enable the interior of the cottage to be used as a cigarette tray or candy holder.

Being 8" long, 3" wide and 5" tall at its highest point, the Ann Hathaway cottage was a substantial piece to take home as a gift or memento.  Actually, transporting it required great care for the two parts of the piece could only be "best fits"  since they were made separately and put together for shipping to the retailers.  If that factor, and cost, restricted sales, then one alternative was to make smaller cottages.  That Mr. Mellor did and a post-war sale catalogue suggested that there were at least fourteen different ones.  Few were more than two inches in length and those illustrated in a sales sheet have been identified by former Devonmoor employees as:

1.       Wordsworth's Cottage, Grasmere

2.      Holleywell Cottage, near Newquay

3.      Dunster Yarn Market

' 4.       Shakespeare's House, Stratford

5.      William Pitt's Cottage, Westerham

6.      Burn's Cottage, Alloway, Ayr

7.      Selworthy Cottage, near Minehead

8.      Saxon Cottage, Steyning, Sussex,

9.      Moot Hall, Aldeburgh

10.  Smuggler's Cottage, Lee, Somerset

11.  Shelly's Cottage, Lynmouth

12.  Umbrella Cottage, Lyme Regis

13.  Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford

14.  Raleigh's Cottage, Hayes Barton


My collection  includes all of the 14 on this list.  

Ernie Wroe

Sarnia Ontario, Canada