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The Torquay produced so much pottery decorated with florals that entire collections can be built around not just a particular pattern by one pottery but also by decoration style (barbotine, faience, or slip) or by flower (daffodils, apple blossom, etc.). The leading potteries producing these patterns were Longpark, Watcombe, Aller Vale and Lemon and Crute. 

 In an article in the January 2000 issue of The Torquay Collector, Barbara Treat lists no fewer that 57 different floral patterns.  Much of the information on this page is taken from that article. Back issues

 of the magazine can be ordered from our Products Manager.

Terracotta Plaques

The Watcombe pottery produced blank terracotta plaques that were either decorated in house or sold to amateur artists.  This plaque was probably an in house production painted with oil paints in a natural style directly on to the unglazed terrcotta.

If  you have further interest in this topic you may want to check out Elaine Wade's article "Plates" in the Autumn 2005 issue of Scandy, the magazine of U.K. based Torquay Pottery Society.

Barbotine Vases

Daffodils were a favourite subject for vases decorated in barbotine.  , Shelby Scherr, Past President of NATS, has an outstanding collection of these vases.  This group of daffodils belongs to Diane Claffy, NATS President

Faience Florals

The rose is Britain's national flower and the Torquay potters decorated with every rose species imaginable in every form. Some of the most stylish were finely painted with pigments, i.e. in faience style.