Edited by Virginia Brisco


Collectors of Devon pottery have long awaited the publication of Let's Collect Devon Pottery Issue number four and here it is! There are ten new articles on a variety of Devon potteries, ranging the history of the scandy pattern to well researched articles on dressing table sets (or trinket sets as they were then known), and a look at butterflies - from the delicate paintings by Holland Birbeck to moulded wall pockets made in north Devon.Enthusiasts of North Devon pottery will find plenty of interest with an article on very early Brannam wares, plus some superb models of monkeys.

Cottagewares are enduring favourites with Torquay Pottery collectors and this issue contains an interview with one of the leading experts of this pattern. Mottowares are usually associated with the tourist trade, but did you know that Lemon and Crute also made a range of souvenir ware? Let's Collect Devon Pottery number four will tell you more about this, and our contributor hopes our readers will help him research this area of collecting.

There are 'follow-ups' on articles which appeared in some previous issues, including cockerels, Stuart Bass, the Great Western Pottery, and a photo, taken in the 1960's, of the potters at the Devonshire Potteries enjoying a 'works outing'. And, finally, for those who love detective stories, there's and in-depth investigation into the mystery surrounding 'Peggy' and her Torquay pottery trays - if you want to know more, you'll have to buy Let's Collect Devon Pottery number four.

48 pages, 8 pages of colour photos showing 60 pots, 10 pages of black and white photos, archive material, old catalogues etc. Contributions from eight authors.

Virginia Brisco has been researching the Devon potteries for over 25 years. She has written six books, as well as numerous articles for newspapers, antiques magazines and reference books, on this subject.