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Articles By Members About Their Collections

Starting a Collection: Cruet Sets Kathy Collins Winter 2010
Mom's Collection; Maxine Church's  extrordinary collection Virginia Church Winter 2010
The Helston Furry Dance Julian Hinton Winter 2010
My Allervale Cat Tale Judy Lookabill Winter 2010
A Day in Lilliput Schelby Scerr Summer 2009
Chip Off the Old Pot; to restore or not restore Robert Lookabill Summer 2009
"My Favorite"; a deco tea set Ben Crawford Spring 2009
"A New Find"; a Torquay lustre pot from the 1950's Alice Feldman Spring 2009
Egg Cups and Painted Eggs Shelloy Crawford Spring 2009
Roses from Down Under Jackie Byrne Spring 2009
"Curling Iron Warmers"; Lamp tiles Jill Buckworth Spring 2009
"Its that time of year": pot mottos for New Year resolutions Charlotte Hense Winter 2009
Pictures of members' "winter" pots collated by Shelby Scherr Winter 2009
A Collection within a Collection Jerry & Diane Claffy Winter 2009
The Second Chance Toby Bob Lookabill Fall 2008
Torquay Tour - Part 1 Jennifer O'Connor Summer 2008
In the beginning; a visit with Diane and Jerry Claffy Shelby Scherr Winter 2008
A Wonderful Find"; Complete Kingfisher tea set Jill Buckworth Winter 2008
Teeny Tiny Torquay Shelloy Crawford Winter 2008
Shelby's Open House Charlotte Hense Fall 2007
A Cottage in the Woods: Charlotte Hense's Open House June Cole Fall 2007
Another Road Trip; Canadian Open Houses Shelby Scherr Summer 2007
A visit to New Orleans;  Allison Wells' Collection Judy Grant Summer 2007
Of Pots and Poets; a visit with Chris Fessler Bev Wintheiser Summer 2007
Pixies are for good luck Lee Graham Spring 2007
Non Floral Design Scent Bottles Marlene Graham Spring 2007
Torquay Turn-on Joy Swartz Summer 2006
Little Collections Shelby Scherr Spring, 2006
Terra Cotta Treasures Robyn Britton Summer, 2005
Farm scenes Bob Druke Winter 2005
Cats, Cats, Cats Marlene Graham Summer 2004
Life Beyond Violets Marlene Graham Summer 2004
A President's Non-collection John Buckworth Spring 2004
A Message of Love and Joy Judy Wucherer Winter 2004
My Love Affair with Tintern Abby continues Ann Van Slyck Winter 2004
A Treat from Barbara Barbara Treat Fall 2003
A French Connection John Buckworth Summer 2003
Pheasant Under Glass Sally Bentley Summer 2003
Widecombe Fair Jill Buckworth Winter 2003
My Kingdom for a Puzzle Jug Carol Oxley Winter 2003
My Love Affair with Tintern Abby Ann Van Slyck Summer 2002
A Collection of Favorite Pieces Ben Crawford  Spring 2002
A Few of my Favorite Things Kerry Fisher Sprimg 2002
Pasties,Shop Signs and Just Plain Luck Bob Druke Winter 2002
Cottage Collages Shelloy Crawford Spring 2001
Travels & Traumas of a Torquay Ashtray Barbara Sutton-Smith October 2000
Florals and Silver Schelby Scherr April  2000
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