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The Society has prepared a guide for selling either a single pot or a collection

Members who have pots for sale are invited to list either their website (if they have one) or an email address with a brief note of the pots available for sale. Listings on this page are the responsibility of the member and the Society makes no representations as to the quality or the authenticity of the pots listed.

Carol Bergeron


Carol joined NATS shortly after purchasing pots from Barbara Treat's collection. She enjoyed meeting members at the Boston Convention and hopes to attend another one. She is on Ruby Lane lists some of her Torquay ware there as well as showing it in her shop, Antiques on Canaan St, Canaan NH.

 Carol F. Bergeron
570 Canaan St
Canaan, NH 03741
Tel: (603) 523-9621


I have been collecting Torquay for about 30 years.  My mom, Ruthie (1918-2005), got me going on it when I was a little girl and she had a small collection that she displayed in her kitchen for as long as I can remember.  My collection has now grown to the point where I don't have room to display it all.  I am keeping her collection and some of my favorite pieces that I added and decided that now is the time for someone else to enjoy them.  It's just so whimsical and fun and many times very ironic in that when a birthday or other special occasion comes along for a friend or family member, I just grab a piece from my collection and give it as a gift.  Many times the motto is a perfect fit for that person. 

  To see the pots that I for sale at this time please follow this Link

I started collecting Torquay pottery over 30 years ago and I have been dealing in antique pottery for over 25 years.I stand the NEC and Newark antique fairs.  I attend the Torquay Pottery Collectors Society (T.P.C.S.)meetings and also the North American Torquay Society (N.A.T.S) conventions. I have a good reputation for my knowledge of Torquay pottery. I recently retired from the chair of T.P.C.S. and have given many talks to various antique societies.

It is my aim to give my customers the best possible service, including descriptions and an excellent packing service fit for a worldwide market. A full refund will be given if not happy with the product or service.

I search for the most unusual items and will periodically show my new stock.

I buy single pieces or collections and will travel, please contact me for more information.

If you attend any of the T.P.C.S meetings or N.A.T.S. conventions, Newark or NEC antique fairs I can arrange to bring your purchases to save on postage.

Last modified October 30,2014; JLB