Devon Tors, written by Virginia Brisco and published in 1998, is 52 pages of information on the history of the pottery, potters and decorators and the pottery they produced from the 1920's and into the postwar years, until its sale in the 1970s. There are numerous colors and black and white photographs and a nice section on marks, how to identify Devon Tors pottery and the mottoes they used. It's a great current reference, especially for Internet shop­pers, as many of the illustrated pieces are now showing up on eBay. Berni Donnelly (IA)



Let's Collect Devon Pottery  #1, written by Virginia Brisco and published in 2001, contains 48 pages of diversified information that will be of interest to nearly every collector. Articles include: Cockerels - from mottowares to models; Giant teapots made by 4 Torquay potteries; Candy and co. - factory or pottery?; Will Young at Runnaford Pottery; Exhibition of paintings by lady art­ists in 1878; Bovey Pottery figures of 'Our Gang' and 'The Big Three"; Baron's Barnstaple Art Pottery, and lot, lots more. This reference also includes loads of photos in color and black and white, a great section on mottoes, and a current price guide that covers all the illustrated items. Berni Donnelly (IA)